On Site Consultations

In order for a Designer to create a space that reflects the style of the client, they first have to familiarize themselves with space and their client. This may require visiting the space at different times during the day in order to effectively evaluate light and colors, to do measurements, client consultations, or to receive contractor quotes. A Designer may also need to be on site to approve furnishing shipments or placement and to oversee installations, painting, construction, etc.

Material Sourcing Shopping

There are tricks of the trade, discounts to consider and retail “loopholes” to look for when purchasing new furniture, light fixtures, rugs, etc taking along your designer or allowing them to the do the “dirty work” for you is highly recommended. The Designer is content to gather pictures and samples for the client, everything is only a consideration until it is given the clients final approval.

Colour Selection

This may seem like a simple task, but it is actually a very important one. This process entails the testing of all paint choices directly in the area they are being considered for. Depending on the time of day, paint finish and the surrounding materials, some colors will take on a different hue and before it becomes permanent we must be sure it is one that works with your furnishings and personal taste.

Floor Plan Reflective Ceiling Plan Construction Plan Elevations

These are professional and scaled plans which allow for an accurate assessment of furniture, lighting, electrical placement. Construction plans are essential for contractors during renovations or new construction. Elevations show a direct and scaled version of specific details, ie; built-in shelves, custom window covering, etc.

Organisational De-cluttering Program

This is a guided process to help eliminate and organize all clutter and unnecessary objects in your space, ie; furniture, paperwork, knick-knacks, etc.Once the clearing of clutter is complete, it is easier to define the space and begin the design process. This is especially recommended for all clients that are moving to a new space or are undergoing a renovation. You must get rid of the old before you can invite the new!

Space Planning

This process is recommended for all new spaces or renovation projects.Sometimes the dining area may be better suited as a family room or vice versa, we will sit down with you and map out the ideal flow of the space and which changes or new design plan will allow for that flow to occur.